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by Irene Goede
by Irene Goede


Stephanie Pappas wrote a great article over at Live Science that talks about some of the weirder fishes we've CT scanned here at Friday Harbor Labs as part of Dr. Adam Summers' #ScanAllFishes project. Specifically, Stephanie was really taken by scans of monocentrids, or pinecone fishes.

by Irene Goede
by Irene Goede

Dutch Newspaper NRC published an article on our chewing stingrays as a part of the science for kinders (kids) section!


And they made a fantastic illustration of a Potamotrygon motoro!

The American Elasmobranch Society wrote on their online blog regarding what it was like to win the Best Student Talk Award (Gruber Award) at the 2016 meeting in New Orleans.


This Chewing Stingray Sheds Light on the Evolution of How Animals Eat

 Motherboard and Vice writer, Kate Lunau, wrote a fantastic article about our research in Proceedings of the Royal Society.  It was great to chat with Kate and I can't wait to work with Motherboard soon!

Stingrays Chew Their Food Like Humans and Boy Does It Look Freaky

 Gizmodo wrote about our research in Proceedings B on mastication in rays - I love io9 and Gizmodo, so I was honored to get picked up there!

Stingrays Chew? Who Knew?

National Geographic  wrote about our research in Proceedings B on mastication in rays, talk about press coverage!

LiveScience covered out stingray chewing article!  See even more photos of this research here.